Sexual Rape occurs due to three major causes: Lust, Pride/Wrath, and Sadism.

Lust[edit | edit source]

some Individuals cannot control their sexual desire. This desire arizes, and motivated from watching "Body language", pornography included.

  • Body language: don't wear revealing cloths. Examples:
    1. Anything that comes down above the knee, that is, Clothing which covers only the thigh or part of the thigh.
      1. Above knee pants: shorts, mini-shorts, etc.
      2. Above knee skirts: mini skirts, mini-midi, mini-frocks.
    2. clevage showing clothing
    3. see-through clothing
  • Don't post provacative photos/videos online
  • Don't publish provacative photos/videos in magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Don't fantasize another person, who is not your special Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
  • If not interested, Communicate clearly that you are not interested in him/her.

Pride/Wrath[edit | edit source]

Pride/Honour is priceless in some communities. And some people see sex as a form of re-payment for tarnishing it.

  • Do not humiliate others
  • Don't do thing that would cause others to take revenge

Sadism[edit | edit source]

Some people enjoy forcing others to do things, sex included. The main method of doing this is blackmail.

  • Get rid of Fear, Do not let yourself be blackmailed.
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