Bioenergetics is study of the energy flowing through living organisms.

Energy transfer[edit | edit source]

Energy can be gathered and released in different ways. The higher the level of brain functions, the more ways to release this energy.

Positive emotions[edit | edit source]

Love(Compassion) is the root of all positive emotions. Positive emotions gather energy.

Negative emotion[edit | edit source]

Fear is the root of all negative emotions. Negative emotions gather energy.

Thought Projection[edit | edit source]

Positive thoughts project positive feelings, while negative thought project negative feelings.

Reproduction[edit | edit source]

Reproduction is the basic level of energy release. All living things are capable of reproducing including the brain-less single celled organisms. In higher level organisms, this energy is released through ejaculation during sexual activity.

Energy transformation[edit | edit source]

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