Competition vs Equality addresses the differences in views between rivalry and equal privileges/rights

  1. Rivalry is the belief that one can do better that the others thus compete against others for the same resource, rights or privileges.
    • arises from jealousy
    • observed in between businesses and sport teams
  2. Respect all is the belief that the only way to peace is to end all fighting, and one of the best way to end fighting is by respecting all entities and their ideas.
  3. Equality is the belief that everyone is equal and thus should fight for equal rights & privileges.
    • origin of civil rights movement

Inequality has a positive effect on (competitive)economic development. The marginal propensity to save increases with wealth and inequality increases savings, capital accumulation, and economic growth.

Kaldor, Nicoals, 1955, Alternative Theories of Distribution,” Review of Economic Studies, 23(2), 83-100.
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