Dāna vs Achaurya represents a crucial problem to File sharing, Gift Economy, and Capitalism. It contrasts the two hardline benevolent ideals: Dana(propagating generosity) and Achaurya(abstaining from depriving others of possible future profit).

  • Generosity - giving and/or sharing
    1. charity - a one time donation to an entity without any compassion
    2. Dana - giving and sharing without thought of reward, and encouraging others to do so
  • non-stealing refraining from 'stealing' others possesions
    1. Thou shall not steal:
      1. Do not take what is not given
      2. Do not deprive anyone of property they rightfully own
    2. Achaurya not stealing, not coveting, nor hoarding, as well as not obstructing other people's possible future profit.
      1. Refrain from accepting money

Note: At first glance it might seem like Achaurya forbids Digital Piracy (File Sharing), but upon further investigation Achaurya rejects the whole concept of Free Market Capitalism.

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