Deconstruction of Religions is the dismantling of religious ceremonies, followed by dismantling it's values.

A perfect example of this is a law passed in Maharastra, India. It bans the following:

  • to perform magical rites in the name of supernatural power: Religious ceremonies like puja, Christmas, Eid, etc.
  • to offer ash, talisman, charms etc. to ward off evil: OM sign, Swastik symbol, Christian cross
  • to defame, disgrace the names of erstwhile Saints/ Gods, by claiming to be there reincarnation and thus cheating the gullible and God-fearing simple folks: Claiming Oneness
  • to sacrifice innocent animals for the appeasement of gods or spirits: Thanksgiving Turkey, Durga Puja Lamb, Eid Lamb
  • to sell or deal in so-called magic stones, talisman, bracelets, charms: selling neclaces with OM sign, Swastik symbol, Christian cross, etc.

This law was passed after an Atheist, anti-religious activist was killed.

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