A society whose members have to ask for basic Rights, is a society that can be manipulated

Equal Rights has been used by political groups, to get special priviledges and reservations (in the name of empowerment), and not equal rights.

In a community that emphasizes Capitalism or Feminism, Equal Rights can never be attained. Capitalism states that the rich are privileged over others, and Feminism states that females are privileged over others.

In our current society, Equal Rights is a farce.

Politicians have been using Equal Rights as the focus to deploy Problem Reaction Solution, leading to divide and conquer.

Fighting for Equal treatment / Free will means fighting for the EcoSystem, while fighting for equal rights means fighting for your temporary flesh-body.

Either way, we are only as free as we belief ourselves to be. No individual, law, or nation can take Free Will away while it rests in the hearts of humans; and similarly nothing can protect it when it has corroded away.

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