Sin is a bad deed or wrong doing. it is abusing your position, and goes against the will of God.

Examples in of Sin everyday life:


Pride is the safe harbor and leader for all other sins Examples of Supremacy:

  1. Sanction (Not to be confused with ration) is gaining control by using temptation of sins as a tool:
    1. material/valuables sanction
      1. economic sanction
      2. consumption sanction
    2. sexual sanction
    3. Domination imposing unwanted or unneeded actions, forcing actions through fear
    1. requiring lying for one's lifestyle to continue
    2. forced consumption
      1. imposing drug use
        1. imposing vaccines with deadly side effects, without local outbreaks.
    3. terrorism also known as fear-mongering, is an act of accomplishing a goal by forcing actions through fear
      1. corporate terrorism
      2. Government terrorism
      3. Muslim Terrorism
    4. rape is forced genital penetration
    5. bondage is restricting another individual physically or mentally
    6. sadism is gaining pleasure from causing physical or mental pain.
    7. fascism is a political belief that citizenry cannot govern themselves, and thus need thus a dominating monarchy needs to be imposed on the citizens.
  2. Supremacism is the belief that a particular race, religion, gender, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not.
    1. sexism the social belief that one gender is better than the other, or deserves better treatment than the other.
      1. Extreme Feminism is the belief that females have the right to be a male.
        1. Femdom is female domination.
        2. Tomboy is a girl who dresses, acts and thinks like a boy, or tries to.
        3. Wikipedia definitions of antonym words don't match up:
          1. Matriarchy is a term, which is applied to gynocentric form of society, in which the leading role is with the female and especially with the mothers of a community.[1]
          2. Patriarchy describes a social structure where the actions and ideas of men and boys are dominant over those of women and girls.[2]
    2. religious extremism is a religious belief that claims to justify doing things by any means possible.
      1. 'crusades were acts where holy warriors of the church called crusaders raided the middle east
      2. Modern dayJihad', are acts where followers of Islamic prophet Mohammad use terror as a tool to remove obstacles.
    3. racism is a social belief that one tradition, culture, or heritage is better than the others
    4. Cursing is where you swear or use bad language. Or saying God's name in vain.


without bragging, you can't even get a job or promotion

Examples of bragging or exaggerating:

  1. misleading depressed conscious life forms
  2. divide & Conquer strategy
  3. propaganda/
  4. PsyOps Psychological Operations are missions undertaken by governments or corporations to manipulate the public's mind on a subject.


Examples of Melancholy: Depression, described by scientists as a chemical imbalance in the brain and feeling sad.


Examples of Jealousy: Its everywhere, between siblings, couples, neighbors


Examples of blinding anger or hatred:

  • Domestic violence
  • War
  • Speech promoting violence
    1. The axis of evil speech by G W Bush.


Examples of laziness:

  • Couch potato

Examples of promotion of laziness:

  • noneducational TV channel
    • Sport shows
    • Horror channel
  • noneducational TV shows
    • contest shows - American Idol, Miss World
      • reality shows - Survivor
    • Sport shows
      • wrestling shows
    • Horror shows
    • Talk Shows
  • noneducational movies


Examples of Greed:

  1. Capitalism an unregulated market, where anything goes, and everything has a price
    1. Materialism - Desire for earthly goods without limit
      1. Intellectual Property - The view that Knowledge and Entertainment are Materials/Property to be bought and sold
    2. Bribery
    3. Fraud
    4. Black Market buying / selling Out of Sight of mainstream society
      1. Slavery (Human Trafficking) - Objectification of Humans for the purpose of buying and selling
    5. Prostitutiing Sexual Objectification of one self to sell sexual services for money.
      1. Pornography is filming or phographing of one's sexual activities


  1. overeating
    1. Buffets - all you can eat
  2. Over indulgence
    1. drug abuse
      1. drug addict(marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, crack, cocaine, etc.)


Examples of activity just for satisfaction/gratification:

  • Lustful murder is extinction of a life by another's sexual fantasies
  • Rape is Forced genital penetration
  • Pedosexuality is sexual attraction towards children
  • Zoosexuality is sexual attraction towards animals
  • Sexual Assault is unwanted groping, unwanted flashing, or forced sexual arousal by another entity
  • Fornication is sex outside marriage
  • Exhibitionism is seduction outside the privacy of home or living quarters
  • Sexual Objectification viewing another living being as an object of sexual pleasure,
    • watching Pornography
    • hiring Prostitutute - Buying sexual services for money
  • Homosexuality is sexual attraction to the same sex

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