Factory farming, also known as Intensive farming, is a very unethical way of raising animals, let alone animals someone will eat one day.

In factory farms, animals are kept in small cages, where they can't move. This in effect, atrophies the muscles of the animals involved, and causes skin diseases.

Muscle Atrophy[edit | edit source]

"use it, or lose it"

When muscles are not used for an extended time, those muscles stop working. This is called muscle atrophy.

In factory farms, animals are kept in small cages where they cannot walk around. This results in the atrophy of their legs.

Skin disease[edit | edit source]

Just like Humans have hands to scratch when needed, animals have tails to swish when needed.

In factory farms, animals eat, sleep, shit, and produce in the same cage; a cage so small, that they cannot swish their tails properly. And they don't get to bathe either.

This makes a heaven for the flies in the factory farm. They buffet on animal shit, and then rest on that animal's skin. For the animal, the bacterias and viruses from their shit causes all types of skin diseases.

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