Corruption can be seen in most levels of every big country. The only difference is, in countries like India the corruption is transparent; and countries like USA corruption is hidden. In most countries there are Special Interest groups, called lobbies. These lobbies are separate group of individuals, hired by corporations or countries to try to bribe politicians.

Each corporation and country hires their own individual (lobbyist). And the corporations in each industry sector collaborate to form their own lobby. Some of the known ones in the US are, petroleum energy lobby, Nuclear energy lobby, Israeli lobby, movie lobby(MPAA), music lobby(RIAA), Pornography lobby, etc.

They work only in the interest of their respective industries. They create false statistics to fool the public. They bribe and blackmail politicians into supporting their cause. And lobbying is a LEGAL profession! With enough time, this type of activity would turn any government into a puppet.

The basic building block of a country is not corporations, organizations, or governmental entities.Countries are made up of living biengs: plants, fish, birds, and animals(including us humans). A country is it's people: doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists, politicians, etc. And therefore, "We the people" should be be running the country's government.

A government should be:

  • a governing body of the people
  • working for prosperity of the people
  • made from the peoples

What we have is a government:

  • a governing body of the elite families
  • working for prosperity of the elite's chosen corporations
  • made from the ex-employees
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