Greed is the obsession of acquiring material objects(worldly possessions). Desires including Greed are illusions(Maya) and materialism, the urge for possession of things is a product of these desires (Maya)

Wealth is which deludes the ignorant. unsteady and fleeting, this wealth gives birth to numerous worries and generates an insatiable craving for more. Wealth is no respecter of persons, however both the good and the wicked can become wealthy. However, people are good, compassionate and friendly only till their hearts are hardened by the passionate pursuit of wealth. Wealth taints the heart of even a wise scholar, a hero, a man of gratitude and a dexterous and soft-spoken person. Wealth and happiness do not dwell together. Rare is that wealthy man, who does not have rivals and enemies that scandalize him. It is like the serpent of evil thoughts and it adds fear to one's distress; it is the eclipse of the moon of wisdom; in it's presence a good person shrivels. Indeed, wealth seeks him who has already been chosen by death.

Quoted from Yoga Vasistha, originally spoken by Ram of Ramayan

Capitalism[edit | edit source]

Capitalism is economy based on Free Market i.e. greed. Free market's golden rule is: "Where there's a demand, there will be a supply". And this law applies to anything and everything, both imaginable and unthinkable.The purpose of free market is not to ensure any company a profit, or any worker a job; it's to ensure that goods and services are available as efficiently as possible, based on profit (Greed).

These goods and/or services could be:

  • Loyalty
  • Knowledge
  • Human Slaves
  • Sex

Bribery[edit | edit source]

Another rule of Capitalism is "Money can buy anything" ...and that includes loyalties. Bribery is the buying of someone's loyalty or a favor from someone.

Head Bounty[edit | edit source]

Bribery for murder is called Assassination.

Materialism[edit | edit source]

Materialism is the urge for possession of 'things', where 'things' can be living beings, knowledge, entertainment, etc. The most dangerous kind of Materialism is considering Knowledge as material or property..

Intellectual Property[edit | edit source]

Spurred on by the urge of possessing things, Humans have turned knowledge and entertainment into commodity to be sold for money. Information including Traditional Knowledge and entertainment are being privatized to make the rich richer. "Sharing" some entertainment you bought at a store will make you a criminal infringing the Copyright law. Traditional Knowledge like the information in Ayurveda (medical uses of plants) is being copyrighted by pharmaceutical corporations for privatization and monopolization resulting in profit.

Black Market[edit | edit source]

The rule "Where there's a demand, there will be a supply" is not always acceptable to the image of the society. Therefore a market out of sight of society is created to satisfy those demands. And there's a saying: "Out of sight, out of mind".

Slavery (Human Trafficking)[edit | edit source]

With Capitalism and Free Market comes the perspective of viewing humans as commodity(Human Resources). And in accordance with the laws of "Free Market" society, humans are sold as commodity in the Black Market.

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