Foods in Hinduism is divided into three Categories

Mind Body Description
Sattva Beneficial Beneficial Spiritual Foods
Rajas Beneficial Harmful Passionate Foods
Tamas Harmful Beneficial Muscle Foods

Sattvic Foods[edit | edit source]

Sattvic food includes spring water, fruits, nuts, milk & it's products, cereals, vegetables, honey etc. Only eating food from this category and abstaining from actions pertaining to the Rajas and Tamas attribute is said to lead to a spiritual life.

The purity level of these foods depend on if anything was kiled to obtain them

It is recommended not to run, weight lift or do other types of intense exercise while following this diet.

Rajya Foods[edit | edit source]

Seafood - fish, shrimp, squid, etc.
eggs - fish eggs, chicken eggs, etc.
spices - jalapeno, peppers, mustard, onion, ginger, etc.

Tamasic Foods[edit | edit source]

Food that can only be obtained after killing an animal or bird.

(Body building food) Meat

Others[edit | edit source]

Intoxicants may belong to any category depending on the properties, amount and rate of consumption. Abuse of intoxicants is certainly Tamasic.

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