Honesty is the act of always being truthful, no matter how much it hurts.

Definition of Honesty: The quality of being honest, truthfulness, sincere, frankness

Honesty is important in our general lives. As children we are taught to be honest. Our parents teach us honesty from a young age. Honesty does not come easy to us as human beings we prefer to keep things quiet, and close to ourselves. We can be honest when it hurts others because we are not being affected by the truth. When we will be affected negatively by the truth is when we don’t want to tell it.

Professional Honesty[edit | edit source]

Honesty in Engineering[edit | edit source]

Engineers have to be honest with themselves, the public, and the clients. The engineer shouldn’t say he is over qualified for a job. In any job we should be honest about what out qualifications are, and what we are capable of. For example in the Quebec Bridge Collapse there was a man on the site who claimed to be an engineer, but he was not. As the project went on and more problems arose on site, the man started to deny he was an engineer. This dishonesty aided the project’s failure. Not being honest in any situation can cause disastrous results.

When being honest is hard we don’t want to do it. But as a profession that prides itself on knowledge and integrity, honesty should automatically accompany those qualities.

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