Human Trafficking is Slave Trade. It is the "Humans" supplied due to the demand of "Human Resources";. according to the rules of Free Market economy: "Where there's demand, there will be supply".

Eliminating the symptoms will not remove the demand. To eliminate slavery we need to find the causes of demand and eliminate them. There are two types of slavery: those forced to work for money(wage slavery) and those kidnapped and forced to work for food.

Sex Slavery[edit | edit source]

  1. Free rehabilitation should be given to sex addicts and sexual perverts. This should decrease the demand for prostitutes, including child prostitutes.
  2. Age of marraige should be about 15, or whenever children start learning about Human biology and reproduction in school. This should reduce children experimenting with sexual activity on each other. It should also reduce the number of school students bound to work as prostitutes for the money.

Slave Labour[edit | edit source]

  1. Free vocational training should be given to those living on the street, like beggers, rag pickers, etc. This should lower the demand for labour class work.

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