Seek Knowledge and you will dispel ignorance,
Seek Liberation and you will dispel laziness,
Seek Benevolence and you will dispel darkness,
Seek Inspiration and you will dispel destructiveness,
Seek Destiny and you shall find fearlessness,
Seek Truth and you shall find Oneness.

We all face the result of our previous actions,
Ethnicity, Race, Species... They're divisions,
Countries, Cults, Associations ...They're divisions,
Gender, Caste, Class ...they're divisions,
Divisions which lead us down the path of wrong actions.

Greed, Lust, Pride ...They're distractions,
Gluttony, Envy, Wrath ...They're distractions,
Sloth, Vainglory, Despair ...They're distractions,
Fear, Hate, Suffering ...They're distractions,
Distractions which lead us down the path of wrong actions.

Americans, Asians, Australians, Europeans, Africans ...We are One,
Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims ...We are One,
Mammals, reptiles, birds, fish ...We are one,
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space ...We are One.

Young and Old are two phases of the same Existence,
Male and Female are two sides of the same Existence,
You and I are two names for the same Existence,
We are One.

Realizing the one, our strength is Infinite,
Moving as one, our momentum is Infinite,
Working as one our will is Infinite.

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