Magick is the name for a number of paths that believe in casting spells to solve a few or all problems.

Also it is believed that most of the secret societies and successful entrepreneurs emerging from there, owe their successes to magick.

White Magick[edit | edit source]

White magick is the path that deals with worldly passions and desires, as long as those passions and desires does not bring direct harm to any humans. Also, there is danger in using magic to alter the caster's fate.

For example in the case of greed, it involves a money spell and can become a catastrophe if the caster is not careful about his/her focus and intention. Also, money can't materialize out of thin air, the money has to come from somewhere or someone. So someone somewhere could loose the money for the caster to get it, (indirect harm). Some may lose their job, and caster get promoted. Or even worse, someone in your family may die and you inherit their money. Spells should not simply be cast on a whim. The caster has to really know what he/she is asking for, and know how to ask for it in a way that will not harm anyone else in the process.

Lust (Love spell) is considered the boundary line, because it involves (direct harm)subverting the target's free will to cause sexual attraction to the caster.

Black magick[edit | edit source]

Black magick or Dark magicK a form of satanism, worshiping the sins, is a path that promotes pride and self indulgence. It is self satisfaction and self gratification by any means possible.

Black magick usually needs another's body mass like hair, skin cells, blood, bones, ejaculation fluid, etc.

Example: Wikipedia:Bokor

other Info[edit | edit source]

Practicing Magick used to be considered heresy by Christianity. Also, some magick paths oppose transcendence/enlightenment

The master key system book, and The secret movie are some of the popular literature on Magick.

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