Certain trends have surfaced which are harmful to the society as a whole. These trends Deconstruct, De-industrialize & Deregulate the Pillars of Society.

being Evil is Cool[edit | edit source]

This trend encourages cheering for the villain. In computer games this means learning and playing the villain. This includes learning methods of assassination, bribe, blackmail, seduction, and rape, through virtual simulation.

Curiosity Kills the Cat[edit | edit source]

This trend encourages staying ignorant about one's environment

Ignorance is strength[edit | edit source]

This includes laws against sharing Knowledge, also called Intellectual Property. Also Fair Use in multimedia(Audio and Video products) has been scraped by the new Copyright laws. Furthermore, the news publishers could be sued under Espionage act, for publishing Government's secret Knowledge.

Certain Governments including(USA Govt.) uses propaganda to divert attention from the main subject and Disinformation campaigns to spread lies on a subject. The main idea is to keep the general public in darkness, especially the poor who can't buy books or other Intellectual property.

War is Peace[edit | edit source]

In USA, this policy was enacted in the form of "War against Terrorism", appearently to protect the peace. Since the terrorism is only an idea, this declaration amounts to an unfinish-able war.

Freedom is Slavery[edit | edit source]

For the security of our freedom, appearently we are to give up our freedom to corporations and governments. USA Patriot act was the first to started this trend, followed by Homeland Security Act. With this trend, the public is forced to give up the freedom, of speech, press, religion, assembly, and privacy.

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