Microsoft has been scamming it´s way to the top. 

Free Windows offer scam[edit | edit source]

After the Windows Vista fiasco, Microsoft offered 'Free' Windows 7 to Vista users, except it cost ' shipping & handling ' charges  in half the cases.[1]

Windows RT scams & product returns[edit | edit source]

First Microsoft tried to sell it's ARM Architecture(Windows RT) products as authentic Windows(x86) computers. Microsoft did this by naming both it's ARM & x86 products as "Surface with Windows RT" and "Surface with Windows 8". And to add to the confusion, Microsoft announced that Windows RT is an edition of Windows 8. Needless to say, there were blogs calling out Microsoft for it's mislabeling, along with thousands of product returns,[2] as programs built for X86 architecture can't run on ARM architecture.

Windows store scams[edit | edit source]

Now, Microsoft is also allowing Paid Fake applications on it's Windows store.[3]

Microsoft Adware[edit | edit source]

Microsoft is now using Adware on Windows 7 and 8 to promote the next version of it's operating system, Windows 10. According to reports, this Adware is installed on your Windows PC through Microsoft's Windows update system.[4]

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