Only material objects can be owned. Knowledge and living biengs can never have "owners".

Living bieng can have bonds and attachments, but never owners.

bonding[edit | edit source]

Bonding creates a relationship where you can attach "my" to the word. Positive Examples: My wife, My children, My friend, My teacher, My student, etc.

It can also create a negative relationship... Negative examples: My rival, My bully, My rapist, My accuser, etc.

beneficial bonds[edit | edit source]

these bonding include family, friends, relatives, teachers, students, etc.

  • Friends: bonded through sharing of knowledge, entairtainment, hobbies, etc.
  • Spouse: bonded through marraige, a spiritual ceremony
  • Children: bonded though raising, teaching, entairtaining, etc.
  • Teacher-Student: bonded through teaching, discussion, sharing of knowledge, etc.

malicious bonds[edit | edit source]

Bonding of competition, bribery, blackmail, harrasment, assault, lawsuit, ect.

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