P2P or Peer to Peer network is reflected as Power to People network. These network empowers people to self-govern, and self manage.

P2P File Sharing[edit | edit source]

P2P File Sharing lets you be your own library, printing press, and distribution shop. It is the management and sharing of a personal library of digital content with the world. These private libraries are filled with Culture and educational resource from around the world.

P2P Currency[edit | edit source]

P2P Currency lets you be your own Minting press, Treasury, transaction processor, and generate you own credit link.

  • Minting press: creates money (your country's Reserve Bank)
  • Treasury: stores money (your bank account)
  • Transaction processor: middleman (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)
  • Credit link: Identification (credit card number, PayPal email, etc.)

P2P TV Broadcast[edit | edit source]

P2P TV Broadcast lets you broadcast your own TV channel.

P2P search engine[edit | edit source]

Uncensored, peer managed, search engine.

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