Patriotism is the respect and love for ones country. Patriotism is of two variety, differing in opinions of government, economy, and security.

  • Anarchist Patriotism / Patriotic Revolutionary
  • Militant Patriotism / Patriotic Facist
Anarchist Patriotism Militant Patriotism
A country is it's people A country is it's Government
A government of the people, is For the people, By the people, and From the people A government of the people, is For the elite, By the elite, and From the elite
Support welfare and education of the people Support clandestine operations and secret projects by the government
Citizens should be trusted to take care of themselves Citizens must be monitored through surveillance
Mahatma Gandhi, Anna hazare, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Martin Luther King Barack Obama, George Bush, Hitler
Occupy movement, Aam Aadmi Party Project for the New American Century

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