Pollution is dirtying of the environment.

  • Air pollution: Cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, factory smoke
  • Water pollution: sewage, Industrial waste
  • Land Pollution: landfills, garbage dumps

Long term pollutants[edit | edit source]

These types of Pollution can't be contained in a single region, and therefore affects the ecosystem as a whole. They hurt every living organism within range, and seeps into air, water, & land to hurt beings out of range.

  • Chemical pollution: heavy metals, acids, poisons.
  • Radiation pollution: The most dangerous kind of pollution, takes effect immediately.

Short term pollution[edit | edit source]

These types of Pollution are controlled, and dissipates with range.

  • Noise pollution:
    • underwater sonic pollution: hurts marine mammals like whales & dolphins
  • Light pollution: hurts plant life

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