Religion is a belief or faith in a group of ideas.

Dharm has two meanings:

  1. LAW or ethical standard.
  2. FAITH or Belief in the supernatural.

Religions of Law[edit | edit source]

Religions solely based on LAW are Buddhism, Kopimism, etc. They are basically lifestyles

Religions of Faith[edit | edit source]

Religion solely based on Faith in Supernatural is Wicca (Magick).

Religions of Law and Faith[edit | edit source]

Ancient religions like Hinduism and Christianity have both LAW and FAITH.

Religious Law in Hinduism is known as Yog Dharm and it's devout practioners are known as Yogi. Yog or Yoga is practiced in two different ways: Physical dicipline and Mental dicipline. Faith in Hinduism refers to belief in God(s) and taking part in ceremonies.

Christian law has a set of 7 virtues to be followed and 7 sins to be avoided. Faith in Christianity refers to belief in Jesus Christ as the saviour.

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