Sanātana Dharma has degraded into what we now know as Hinduism. Some prevailing elements in modern day Hinduism did not exist in the actual Sanātana Dharma. Elements like denigration of women, prohibition of Beef-eating, enforcement of monogamy/monoandry, enforcement of casteism.

Women[edit | edit source]

Polygamy/Polyandry[edit | edit source]

Caste[edit | edit source]

Varna were professions. And people could change their professions, thereby changing their Varna.

Brahman - Priests, saints - Sattva foods

Kshatrias - Royalty, Knights, warriors - Sattva & Rajas foods

Vaishya - merchants, accountants - Rajas & Tamas foods

Sudra - farmers, plumbers, builders - Tamas foods

Beef-eating[edit | edit source]

The Four Vedas prohibited upper caste members from eating Tamas foods, like Meat, Egg, Onion, & Garlic. . Though Vedas never specifically mentioned Beef eating, it prohibited the killing of Milk-giving cows. By deduction, Shudras were allowed to eat meat, including Beef (especially from male cows).

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