Do you think lust can be stopped with the threat of imprisonment ?

No lust is one of the core survival instincts: the need to reproduce. It is built into our ecosystem from the time sexual reproduction began. As such nothing can stop lust short of eliminating the entire ecosystem, ie killing ourselves. Lust can be prevented though.

To prevent lust the problem must be tackled at the root: the causes of lust.

  1. Implement public decency laws.
    • Ban wearing revealing clothing in adds and TV: torso and legs down to knees should fully be covered
      • Advertisements: newspaper, billboards/hoardings
      • Broadcasts: movies, episodes, commercials
    • Ban wearing underwear sized outerwear outdoors
    • Ban Public dance broadcasts : most dances in their original form are actions to attract suitors (mates), sexual objectfication of self
  2. Hospitalize perpetrators: perpetrators are mentally ill, and need rehabilitation to be able to control their impulses and change their views. Jail time will only aggravate their situation, when they get out.

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