A Perfect World is a world in harmony with it's inhabitants.

In a perfect world, the advantages of both Capitalist and Socialist systems would be nurtured.

Capitalism is an incentivised system, and Socialism is a welfare system. While both systems have have their own advantages, neither is perfect. Just like some people like to work for themselves, others like to work for welfare of the community. While neither is sustainable by itself, these systems do complement each other, to the point of making each other sustainable.

Capitalism[edit | edit source]


  • high innovation
  • high Creativity
  • High salary


Socialism[edit | edit source]


  • Social Welfare
    • Govt. funded Education
    • Govt. funded Health Care
  • inexpensive services


  • Low salary
  • stagnant due to limited innovation & creativity

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

A trade of Innovation(technology) for services(manpower) between the two systems will be immensely benificial

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