Alternate Titles:

  • I am Myself, and the Community
  • 'Self-Service through 'Serving Others

It is said that everyone is selfish from birth, i.e self-serving. But what is the definition of the self? is it the flesh our soul resides in? is it our Family? Is it the neighborhood we live in? Is it our nationality? it is the planet we reside in?

The Answer is no, self is the Collective Consciousness. We are part of an ecosystem, whether we realize it or not. An ecosystem where every entity shelters a piece of this consciousness. It is an ecosystem that sustains and provides for us, has been, and will be, unless we run it dry. This Ecological-System is known by many names, including "Mother Earth" and "Gaia". As part of this System, either we cooperate and conserve resources while moving forward; OR compete and deplete resources and stagnate ourselves.

The choice is yours.

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