War of the seven Sins explains how virtuosity in the western world is being destroyed by sins.

War of Pride - Started with the Slave traders, It was continued by the civil rights movement, with the slogan of "standing up for equal rights". Femininity, a term describing a caring mother, the embodiment of Humility was ultimately destroyed by feminism, a movement that diverged from civil rights, with the slogan, "females are equal to men, thus should get equal rights & privileges". Later feminism turned to more rights and privileges with the slogan that "females are weak, thus should be protected".

War of wrath - Started by the crusaders, and continued by acts of aggression and oppression, forgiveness is almost destroyed.

War of Sloth - Started by the broadcasting businesses. Initially broadcast stations were only broadcasting news, but later started to broadcast entertainment.

War of Greed - Initiated by religious establishments, when they started to take taking valuables in the name of Atonement/Repentance (cleansing one's sin). Today it has multiple faces like Capitalism, bribery, fraud, etc.

War of Gluttony - The starter is unknown, but seems to be still going on. Buffets, with the slogan, "all you can eat", is obviously tempting, as obesity is on the rise.

War of Lust - Started by gay rights movement, with the slogan of "How can it be wrong". It was continued by the Hippie movement, with the slogan of "free sex". Today lust has been legalized in most western countries.

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