Windows 10, The Botnet is real

Just like a virus, Windows 10 sneaks into your computer,[1] uploads all your private & confidential data to NSAtc and Microsoft,[2] then uploads itself to other devices,[3] all without your explicit permission or knowledge.

These are the "Top 10 signs your computer may be part of a Botnet", and and most of them apply to Windows 10. In no particular order…

1) Your fan kicks into overdrive when your computer is idle. This can indicate that a program is running / installing without your knowledge and using a fair amount of resources, including Microsoft updates.

2) Your computer takes a long time to shut down, or won’t shut down properly. Oftentimes malicious software has bugs in it that can cause a variety of symptoms, including long shut down times of a failure to shut down. Unfortunately, operating system bugs and conflicts with legitimate programs may cause the same symptom.

3) You see a list of outbound Wall posts / messages / requests you didn’t send from your Facebook account. Windows 10 will share your WiFi password with your facebook, twitter and skype friends, so that they can decrypt your password and login to your account.

4) Programs are running very slowly. This can be a sign that hidden programs are using a lot of your computer’s resources.

5) You cannot download operating system updates. When the operating system itself is the culprit, updates don't matter

6) You cannot download antivirus software updates / visit vendors’ websites Malware often tries to prevent antivirus software from running or being installed. Anti-virus software vendors usually neglect OEM Malware.(Malware made by Original Equipment Manufacturer or Operating System Manufacturer)

7) Internet access slows to a crawl. If a bot is using your computer to upload or download a lot of data it can make your internet access very slow.


8) Your friends and family have received e-mail message from you that you did not send

9) You receive pop-up windows and advertisements even when you are not using a web browser. This is a classic sign of adware, (Windows Update)bot can install adware on your computer. You definitely want to get this problem taken care of.

10) Windows Task manager shows programs with very cryptic names or descriptions (or Windows Updates with cryptic or 1-line descriptions)

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