Yog Vasisth (योग-वासिष्ठ), also known as Yoga Vasistha and Vasistha's Yoga, is a Hindu sacred spiritual text, traditionally attributed to Valmiki. It recounts a discussion between the sage Vasistha and young Prince Rama, during a period when the Rama was in a dejected state. The contents of Vasistha's teaching to Rama is associated with Maya, the illusory nature of the manifest world. In english, the Yoga Vasishtha might be defined as, "TEACH YOURSELF NIRVANA".

Comparison with Bhagavad Gita[edit | edit source]

Yog Vasisth is to Ramayan, as Bhagavad Gita is to Mahabharat. While Yog Vasisth is a lecture from Rishi Vasisth to Ram(Avatar of god Vishnu), while he was still a young prince, on how to become enlightened; Bhagavad Gita is a lecture from Krishna(Avatar of god Vishnu) to Arjun, on how to lead everyday life.

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